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"Ambulance Parade" (drive in convoy)


Code of rules for participants in "Ambulance Parade" (drive in convoy) of Rallye Rejviz

Conceived to secure safety and to eliminate risk of injury and material loss of participants and spectators Ambulance Parade. The excitement from competition shouldn't be drowned out by adrenaline way of driving and fun, which does not have to be understood well by public.

Activities, limited by code of rules, which endanger with possible injuries, equipment and good name of medical community, organizers and co-organizers (Police of the Czech Republic, Firefighters, voluntary organizers and others) in the public eyes. They may lead to public disturbance immediately after the end of Rallye Rejviz.

Code of rules have to be applied by all participants of Ambulance Parade (especially competitors, accompanying persons, players, fans and organizers) and all cars in convoy (especially ground ambulances, accompanying and private vehicles and motorcycles).

Incidents, accidents, property and/or equipment damage caused by breaking this Code are not covered by insurance of Rallye Rejvíz.

Participants are forbidden to:

  • sit on a roof or hood of a car during the drive,
  • sway from vehicle with more then upper part of chest,
  • get off or jump out of vehicle during Ambulance Parade, not even when the convoy stops,
  • do abnormal maneveurs endangering other participants of convoy and spectators (for example mexic wave, sudden deceleration, jumping in and out of moving vehicles),
  • overtake each other or to get ahead of accompanying vehicles (accredited television staff and accompanying police vehicles have an exception),
  • extend convoy for no reason by prolonging the safe distance of front-running vehicle,
  • stop at a roadside during drive in convoy,
  • water spectators or other convoy participants, as a sign of joviality, which does not have to be understood well by public,
  • drink alcohol before and during Ambulance Parade even if they don't drive.

We accept "Code of Rules for participants in Ambulance Parade (drive in convoy) of Rallye Rejviz" and we will behave according to its rules.

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