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Rallye Rejviz 2000

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4th Year of International EMS Competition

May 26 - 28, 2000

Recreation areal BOHEMA, Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic

During its existence, the Rejvíz Rally has gained great popularity among the professional rescue public and also, for its professional and didactic value, the recognition of the Czech Medical Society J.E. Purkyně - the professional society for pre-hospital emergency care and disaster medicine.

The popularity of the Rejvíz Rally is also evidenced by the interest of the professional public, not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, the USA, Russia, Spain and Argentina and the Netherlands.

The Rejvíz 2000 rally took place with the participation of crews from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. Representatives of Turkey, the USA and Argentina participated in the role of observers. In 2000, for the first time, so-called "newbies" predominated among the registered crews, i.e. districts that had not yet participated in the event, which testifies to the growing popularity of the Rejvíz Rally throughout the Czech Republic.

Year 2000 was divided into four separate parts, taking place sequentially:

  • On Friday morning, a practical seminar with the theme "Basic procedures in the PNP in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the United States of America and the Netherlands" took place, which was a non-competitive event
  • Friday afternoon was devoted to an extensive, very attractive to the audience, practical cooperative exercise of all participating crews, in cooperation with the Fire Rescue Service of the Jeseník District, the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Railways and the Army of the Czech Republic in the Vidnavy - JEŘÁB area. The topic of the exercise was a train crash, associated with the release of dangerous substances. The evaluation prepared by the "father" of the exercise, MUDr. Ilja Chocholouš (Meditrans Ambulance) can be found here.
  • The Rejvíz 2000 Rally itself took place on Friday evening and Saturday
  • On Saturday morning, the final of the 2nd year of the children's rescue competition, the Helpík Cup, took place in the barracks complex in Jeseník
  • The classic competition program started on Friday with a night stage and continued on Saturday with three day stages and culminated in a skill ride in the area of the former barracks. In honor of rescuer Jan Martínek of the Municipal Rescue Service of Ostrava, who took part in the Rejvíz 99 Rally and died tragically in the fall of 1999 while performing his profession, we named the skill ride of the Rejvíz 2000 Rally "Jan Martínek Memorial".
  • In the area of the barracks, the final of the children's rescue competition Helpík's Cup and a program for the public took place since Saturday morning.

Competiting teams

  • 44 in National competition

Participating countries

  • Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia

1st place

ZZS Nemocnice Kežmarok (SK)

MUDr. Ján Hencel,
Tomáš Dovjak,
Pavol Dovjak



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