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Police Patrol Competition


Since 2015, the Rallye Rejviz has included a professional exercise "Competition of the First reacting units of the Police of the Czech Republic", prepared by the Rallye Rejviz organizing team in close cooperation with the Directorate of the Order Police Service of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic.

One of the most important roles of the Police of the Czech Republic is to ensure public order and the safety of the citizens of the Czech Republic and all persons moving on its territory.

The First reacting units (PSH) are a key component in the Police of the Czech Republic fulfilling this task. They represent the first line of protection against crime and violations of the law within the locality entrusted to them.

The first-line patrols mainly carry out many activities focusing on:  

  • Prevention - the mere presence of police in public places acts as a deterrent against potential offenders. The visible presence of uniformed officers significantly reduces the risk of crime and helps maintain peace and order.
  • Rapid Response - PSH can respond quickly to incidents such as thefts, fights, traffic accidents or other emergencies. Rapid response can prevent problems from escalating and minimize damage to life, limb, and property.
  • Interacting with citizens - PSH members are often the first officers that citizens encounter when needed.
  • Information Gathering – Officers of First reacting units gather information about suspicious persons, activities, and crime scenes. In this way, PSHs make a significant contribution to the successful prevention and investigation of crimes and misdemeanor.

In the course of their duties, police officers assigned to the first reacting units of the riot police often face dangerous and challenging situations, such as conflicts with criminals or the need to make quick decisions in crisis situations.

PSH members are equipped to a high level not only materially but also with enhanced communications skills, empathy, and continuous training.

An integral part of the PSH training is the Competition of the First reacting units of the Police of the Czech Republic (PČR). In highly realistic simulated exercises, both independently and in cooperation with the crews of the medical rescue service and other rescue units, PSH members solve not only "police" tasks, but all situations that may meet them during the performance of duty and go beyond the scope of PSH service.

These tasks are prepared according to actual events that have occurred in the past.

PSH officers practice and improve practical and rehearsed procedures acquired through regular training and test the limits of their mental and physical resilience in simulated exercises. Examples include solving tasks falling within the competence of specialized police units (communication, negotiation...), medical rescue services (providing medical assistance during sudden circulatory arrest, giving birth in the field...).

Since its sixth year SH PČR has become international, with foreign police teams from Poland, Germany and Slovakia participating.

The feedback from participants and professional evaluations confirm that the Competition of the First reacting units of the Police of the Czech Republic is highly regarded by the police officers who participate, especially for its attractive form of training and high levels of professionalism. Its prestige and reputation are spreading not only among the police officers of the Police of the Czech Republic, but also among those of neighboring countries.