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Dr. Jiri Stana Course on Danube University Krems

Donau Universität Krems 120
Jiri Stana 300

Austria/Czech Republic

Emergency Medical Service Management studies at Danube University Krems

The 11th university course in Emergency Medical Service Management is named “Dr. Jiri Stana Course"

Danube University Krems has been offering its own master’s degree for managers of Emergency Medical Services since 2003. The 11th course will start in autumn 2020 and will be named after MUDr. Jiří Staňa (1953-2018), the Czech emergency medicine physician and the inventor of the Rallye Rejviz, an international simulation competition in the field of preclinical care.

"Dr. Staňa realized that purely theory-based advanced training missed the reality of street operations for paramedics and emergency doctors, ”states Christoph Redelsteiner, the initiator of the master’s degree.
Dr. Staňa defined as goals for a new form of advanced training: Team collaboration, application of expertise and compliance with standards; Practicing work under observation and stress; Use of manual skills on the patient and in regard to the ambulance and its equipment; Practice of decision management skills, communication and tactical aspects.

The " Emergency Medical Service Management " at Danube University can be completed with a Master of Science or MBA. Part of the curricula are of EMS system planning, provision of operational resources, supervision, budgeting, leadership skills, tendering of EMS and international system forms of emergency medical care.


FH-Prof. Mag. (FH) Dr. PhDr. Christoph Redelsteiner, MSc, NFS-NKI
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