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Instructions for participants


After submitting your application:

  1. Please prepare a contact mobile phone of the team you indicated in the application form.
    Your phone must have a working data connection and basic applications: Google Maps, Viber and WhatsApp.
    Additional necessary apps will be specified before the start of the competition.
  2. All information regarding the Rallye Rejviz, including timing, will be sent to the team's contacts mobile phone or posted on the website.
  3. Prepare the Minimal crew equipment that you will need to fulfil the tasks.
  4. To complete the Rallye Rejviz, it is essential to know the Guidelines for tasks performing.
    Familiarize yourself with them in advance, and if you have any questions, send them to hq@rallye-rejviz.cz.

Before arrival:

  1. If you wish to arrive at Hotel Dlouhe Strane in Loucna nad Desnou on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, inform the registration desk in advance at the email registrace@rallye-rejviz.cz.
  2. In case of arrival on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, an additional fee will be charged (Wednesday: dinner and accommodation, Thursday: breakfast and lunch).
  3. If you have a special food or accommodation request, contact registration at the email registrace@rallye-rejviz.cz as soon as possible.
    Requests will be processed according to options and in the order they are raised and may be subject to charges.
  4. To speed up registration, please email registrace@rallye-rejviz.cz, if you have not already provided:
    • List of participants with date of birth, document number (ID card, passport), and residence.
    • Type, registration plate, and year of manufacture of the competing crew's vehicle.
  5. Registration and accommodation of Rallye Rejviz participants will take place from Wednesday, May 22, 2024, in room K400 (next to the reception) in the lower building of Hotel Dlouhé Stráně.
  6. Arrival on Thursday, May 23, 2024, is required no later than 17:00!
  7. Contacts to registration desk:
    E-mail: registrace@rallye-rejviz.cz
    Miroslava Jurasova: +420 605 721 555
    Lucie Sedova: +420 725 049 446
    Jiri Juras: +420 774 801 099
    Hana Vackova: +420 731 422 811

Upon arrival:

  1. Upon arrival at the Hotel Dlouhe Strane area, please park in the designated parking areas (see Parking in the Hotel Dlouhe Strane area) and follow the organizers' instructions.
  2. For registration and accommodation, you will need (if you have not sent it in advance):
    • Proof of payment of the participation fee (or you can pay the participation fee in cash on the spot).
    • Type, registration plate, and year of manufacture of the competing crew's vehicle.
    • Names and ID numbers of all crew members.
  3. Change of category or type of crew is possible at the latest on Thursday during registration.
  4. Sign the attendance sheet during registration. Certificates will be emailed to the signers after the event.
  5. If your name tag is not ready at registration, pick it up within 30 minutes after registration on the bulletin board in the main building hall. Wear the name tag visibly throughout the event.
  6. You will receive meal vouchers at registration, which you will need to present during meals. If you do not present the meal vouchers during food distribution, you will not receive food.
  7. Affix the starting numbers received during registration to the front and rear of the vehicle. Additional stickers received during registration should be affixed to the front or sides of the vehicle as appropriate.
  8. The starting number received during registration determines the time of your start for individual tasks.
    Start times and assignments for individual tasks will be sent to the team's contact mobile phone or posted on the website.
  9. The competition starts with the opening ceremony on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 20:30 in hall R2.
    Attendance of the opening ceremony is mandatory.
    The start of the competition marks the beginning of your work shift, the duration of which is unknown.
  10. If possible, bring medical supplies with expired expiration dates (bandages, infusion sets, etc.); you will use them during the competition.
  11. We recommend labelling your equipment and materials in the vehicles (stretchers, seats, splints, etc.) to avoid possible exchange/swap.
  12. The operation of motor vehicles during the Rallye Rejviz follows the rules of normal road traffic and is governed by applicable traffic rules.
  13. During the competition stages, there will be checks for alcohol consumption (especially concerning drivers), and in the event of a positive result, the entire crew faces disqualification.
  14. Consultations regarding task locations and starting times will take place on Thursday from 23:00 to 00:00 in room K400 (registration).
  15. The driving time is not evaluated in any of the stages; only the time of task completion is assessed.
  16. Complaints can be raised for a payment of 1,000 CZK to the head of competition. If the complaint is not upheld, the fee is non-refundable.
  17. In case of unforeseen events, contact competition HQ:
    Phone: +420 602 114 551
    Email: hq@rallye-rejviz.cz

Audio, video recording, and photography during the Rallye Rejviz and at the competition task locations (applies to competitors, participants, their escorts, and task spectators):

  1. Participants and spectators at the competition tasks within the Rallye Rejviz acknowledge that the event held under the Rallye Rejviz trademark registered with the Industrial Property Office belongs to its owner, RALLYE REJVIZ z.s., and enjoys legal protection under Act No. 441/2000 Coll. on trademarks. Only the owner is entitled to use this trademark in connection with products and services.
  2. For audiovisual recording or photography during the competition and at the competition task locations, the respective person must be accredited according to the accreditation rules of Rallye Rejviz. This does not apply to members of RALLYE REJVIZ z.s. and members of the Rallye Rejviz organizing team.
  3. Commercial use of any audio, video recordings, and photography displaying the "Rallye Rejviz" designation during the competition and at the competition task locations is prohibited, and the trademark owner, RALLYE REVIZ z.s., will take all legal steps to prevent further dissemination of the above-mentioned documentation.
  4. The movement and activities of camera operators and photographers at the competition task location are subject to the instructions of the referee or the organizer at the task location. In case of non-compliance with the referee/organizer's instructions, the camera operator/photographer will be expelled from the task area.
  5. For the use of an external light source or an external flash device for recording, the respective person must obtain oral consent from the task referee beforehand.

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