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Helpik's Cup


Helpík's Cup - Competition for children

We meet insufficient knowledge of first aid performed by amateurs every day. Even though there is enough interested students among the youngest children. Succesful lectures of EMS Jesenik in schools proved that. That is why we decided to include competition for kids into Rallye Rejviz project.

This is an ideal way how to excite their interest in the first aid or remind the basic knowledge at least. After a successful competition for kids in Rallye Rejviz 1998 we decided to contact all primary schools in Jesenik region (in 1999) step by step in other regions as well. We prepared a big competition for Helpik's Cup for students of the 5th year of primary school.

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It's composed of three rounds:

  • 1st round: one hour lecture of the first aid and one hour of practical communication skills exhibition, CPR and basic traumatologic issues. This round is ended with a written test which determines the best pair out of each class.
  • 2nd round: runs at the same time as the Professional competition of Rallye Rejviz. It consists of practical CPR and first aid exams. Theoretical knowledge and practical performance is evaluated.
  • 3rd round: physical competition with various physically and psychically challenging tasks (for example ziplining, rappelling or going through model cave). Overcoming obstacles and final time is evaluated.

Emergency Medical Service Jesenik managed to impress kids from 5th year of primary schools by attractive project of Helpik's Cup. Thanks to that, kids learn first aid in a fun way.

The athmosphere of a "big“ Rallye Rejviz competition may inspire big interest in paramedic profession or teach basic first aid at least.

The creators of the project managed to start cooperating with other EMS and to date whole list of regions participates in Helpik's Cup.

Detailed information is on Helpik´s Cup web