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Rallye Rejviz 1998

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2nd Year of International EMS Competition

May 29 - 30, 1998

Recreation areal BOHEMA, Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic

The positive response that the event evoked among the participants prompted the "spiritual fathers" of Rallye Rejvíz (MDr. Jiří Staňa, director of ZS Jeseník and Jan Maršálek, RCS Brno) to organize another year in 1998. Due to insufficient accommodation capacity at Rejvíz, the venue was moved to the Bohema recreation center in Zlaté Horá. Out of a total of 25 possible crews, 18 rescue services from the Czech Republic took advantage of the opportunity to participate. The victory and the trophy of excellence of the Jeseník District Office were taken away by the crew of the Ivančice Rescue Service (Brno-Venkov district) consisting of Luděk Kašparovský, M.D., Ludek Šacher, Zdenek Filip.

Part of the Rallye Rejvíz 1998 was also a program for the public, especially for children, organized in cooperation with the city of Jeseník and the Fire Rescue Department of the Jeseník district. In the program, the equipment of the integrated rescue system was presented, practical demonstrations of the activities of firefighters were demonstrated, and children could complete a "rescue" wrestling match. Part of the program for the public included the very attractive finale of the rally for spectators - the last professional test - practical resuscitation and the last stage - skill driving.

Competiting teams

  • 18

Participating countries

  • Czech Republic

1st place

ZZS NsP Ivančice

MUDr. Luděk Kašparovský,
Luděk Šacher,
Zdeněk Filip


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