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Rallye Rejviz 2001

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5th Year of International EMS Competition

May 24 - 27, 2001

Recreation areal BOHEMA, Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic

In 2001, Rallye Rejvíz underwent the biggest organizational changes since its inception:

  • the scoring system was changed to positive
  • in order to satisfy the growing interest in participation from the Czech Republic and abroad, the RR was divided into a national and an international competition, so the maximum possible capacity was reached - 60 crews (30 in the national competition, 30 in the international competition)
  • from the point of view of the time RR, competitions are held already on Thursday, Friday day and night
  • Saturday is reserved for the Helpík Cup, announcement of results and social program

Competiting teams

  • 30 in National competition
  • 21 in International competition

Participating countries

  • Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, USA

1st place


ZZS NsP Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ)

MUDr. Roman Veselý,
Jana Kristeková,
Josef Meloun


ZDZS Bratislava II (SK)

MUDr. Viliam Dobiáš,
Peter Milinský,
Ivan Stehel


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